Intuitive L4E Trainer


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This is an intuitive L4E trainer! Intuitive L4E is an advanced Pyraminx method in which a V (a layer minus one edge piece) is solved on any color, and then the rest of the Pyraminx is solved in one intuitive algorithm. It is generally seen as a step up from the layer-by-layer method. This trainer will give you an algorithm to set up a random L4E case, and a timer is included to keep track of your times for each and to find out which ones you need to improve on.

How to use:
Press the spacebar to start or stop the timer. (note: this will not currently work on mobile) Your times will automatically be recorded and averaged on the right. If any times are a +2 second penalty or DNF, click on the appropriate choice beneath the timer to apply the penalty. To delete all of your times, click on the X on the right of the screen. To delete a single time, click on it once.