Me, Adam, and Allison at Nationals 2017

What is DGCubes, you ask? DGCubes is a YouTube channel that began on May 10, 2013 and has consistently uploaded ever since. The channel is dedicated to speedcubing, and features Q&As, unboxings, reviews, non-cubing stories over cube solves (a series I call NCSOCS), comedy videos, tutorials, and basically everything else. I, Daniel Goodman, am the sole owner of the channel, and try to upload around once a week. As far as equipment goes, I use my phone, an LG G2, for video, and a Blue Snowball iCE microphone for audio. I edit with Adobe Premiere Elements 12. I have been sponsored by CubeDepot since June of 2017. Make sure to check them out, and save 5% off with the discount code DGCubes at checkout!

I also have a second channel called DGSidequest. On this channel, I generally upload solves and some bonus competition footage, as well as just some other random stuff, so subscribe if you're interested in that sort of thing!

In addition, I co-host a monthly cubing podcast, the Dlsone Podcast, with TheRubiksCubed, TheProgrammingCuber, Derpy Cuber, and Hashtag Cuber. If you're interested, make sure to check out the podcast here on its YouTube channel and its official website!

I've been cubing since April of 2012, and competitively speedcubing since January of 2013. I've done 1129 total solves over 34 competitions, and my WCA profile can be found here. One of my overall goals is to have official results in every event (and eventually be a platinum member), and I'm currently up to 17 events out of 18. My best event is Pyraminx, on which I'm ranked 12th in the world with my official average of 2.56 seconds. My other particular favorite events include 3x3, 3x3 Fewest Moves, and 3x3 with feet. My favorite unofficial events to speedsolve include Redi Cube (on which I have held a few unofficial world records) and Kibiminx. I am a strong advocate for adding more events to the WCA, and these would be my top 2 picks.

If you want to contact me, you can e-mail me at, send me a personal message via YouTube, or comment on any of my videos. I do read most if not all of the comments I get, and I try to reply to as many as possible.

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